Natural Healing for Osteoporosis Two new studies suggest that osteoporosis medications (biphosphonates) can cause abnormal bone formation. This suggests that after five years of use, no further benefit is seen and that medication should be stopped for a while, or perhaps even long term. The good news? Natural alternatives are far more effective than the medications and can … Read more

Junk food addiction may be clue to obesity: study

Sun, Mar 28 2010 By JoAnne Allen WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Bingeing on high-calorie foods may be as addictive as cocaine or nicotine, and could cause compulsive eating and obesity, according to a study published on Sunday. The findings in a study of animals cannot be directly applied to human obesity, but may help in understanding … Read more


JAMA 2006;295:1288-1299. EL Ding. Harvard. Boston USA. Cross- sectional studies indicated that testosterone level was significantly lower in men with type 2 diabetes ….Similarly, prospective studies showed that men with higher testosterone levels (range, 449.6-605.2 ng/dL) had a 42% lower risk of type 2 diabetes