After many years of practicing integrative medicine, I opened CF Health and Associates in the year 2000, working in conjunction with Dr Moshi Dekel. Presently, I see patients online for new consultations and follow-ups. I am a small but busy practice, and it is my mission to build health and create body-balance.

Treatment Approach

I am a specialist practice, solely dedicated to helping my patients learn more about their health and treating any health concerns they may have with the kind of modern, holistic approaches to medicine that only practices like mine can offer.

I dedicate time to get to know everyone that schedules an appointment. Along with a standard medical evaluation, I assess patients in the context of their diet and lifestyle for a more thorough understanding of their health. I aim to engage patients in holistic treatment plans designed specifically to create balance, health, and happiness in their lives.

Many patients choose this approach because they are looking for a comprehensive and preventive way to navigate their health. I analyze the patients’ blood work (and other significant tests) to identify and treat early imbalances before they reach disease status, and give patients with specific health problems an array of treatment options based on what works best for them. I work collaboratively with MDs and holistic practitioners to create a patient’s best course of care.

Some patients find me because they have a specific interest in one of the advanced holistic therapies I use. Often, I am able work with patients to treat the root cause and reduce their need for prescription drugs. I strive to provide outstanding personalized medical care. If you are looking for healthy options, my practice could be the perfect fit for you!

Online Appointments

A patient’s first appointment is an extensive, sixty-minute initial consultation.

This includes:

● A review of your personal health history and diagnostic tests,
● A consultation on specific health concerns,
● A review of the patient’s diet, lifestyle factors, medications and supplements, and
● A discussion of treatment options and an initial treatment plan.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed, to review a patient’s progress and to make adjustments to the treatment plan. They are typically scheduled for thirty minutes.

If you have any questions or would like further information about what I do, please contact me at: 212-219-0700, or email me at: